Water Pump Malfunctions? water pump repair service

Water Pump Malfunctions? water pump repair service

water pump repair service: The water pump is the machine which fills up your tank and never let your house out of water. If your water pump goes down, it will be a nightmare for you and your people either they are your family members or your office staff. Dubai is one of the world cities where the water is more than a basic need. It is a lifestyle and a basic need.

In Dubai, most of the useable water is desalinated from the Gulf of Aden and delivered to every place of Dubai from where ever a human being resides. From that point, the water will be the responsibility of the recipient whether he takes it and store it or waste it. Commonly the water is stored in overhead plastic tanks by the water pumps. Water pumps are an electrical device which sucks the water from extraction point and through it to high rise storage tanks built for storing water. In high temperature and humid environment, the water pump suffers a lot. After a described time frame, they also need a C-Check and a complete overhaul, but unfortunately, we don’t take care of it. We came to know the condition only when our water pump stop working. At this time we need an excellent Water pump repair Dubai to fix it as soon as possible.

water pump repair service

water pump repair service

Common Failure Causes  


As described above the water pump is an electrical device powered by mechanical engineering. It consists of a motor on having a rotating disc on its head to create a suction to integrate the water and through it to the tanks by pipes. To support its rotation a couple of bearing present between motor and disk. Most of the time the ball bearing is out in open air causing rust and corrode that’s why the speed of motor slows down gradually.  Generating excessive heat and difficulty in running. Ultimately the machine stops working and the minimum rotation needed for the suction. In this case, your motor spent extra power to rotate the disc but faced much higher resistance, and if the resistance level increases to a certain degree, it is possible that your motor wiring shorted. 


As described above the water pump is derived on the laws of suction in this you need to seal all the air inlets in a manner that the water pump out of the pit. In high temperature and humidity, the seals of water pump that are made up of rubber become stiff and lose their flexibility, which is essential to seal the pipes and joints of the machine.

Water Heater Repair is well aware of this kind of problem and knows that if this kind of situation infested how unfortunate are the circumstances. We suggest you regarding this problem that appoints better technician who can differentiate between good and bad quality of seals and give you better services moreover try to save your machine from direct sunlight.


The capacitor is a small equipment that needs to start the machine in its starting. Due to high fluctuation rate of electricity, sometimes the capacitor fire out and the pump stops working. In this case, your pump denies starting. In Dubai, like cities where water is also a lifestyle, this kind of problem can break your whole life cycle.

High temperature and fluctuation of electricity and high pressure on the machine can also affect your capacitor and make it malfunctions.

Our experienced serviceman knows every aspect of the water pump and able to fix it elegantly. We also have the best equipment to detect the problem, and our one day service can resolve any issue within 24 hours.

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