Stun Home Buyers Before They Even Step On Your Property

Stun Home Buyers Before They Even Step On Your Property

A shiny and refined home exterior can surely invite a handful of visitors and force passers-by to turn their gaze on your home, which raises its market value significantly. Here’re a few super tips for maximum curb appeal at the lowest possible cost which eventually bring in new prospects.

Stun Home Buyers

Stun Home Buyers

1.    Simple Clean Up

The natural and most effective way to boost the curb appeal is on the weekend when you’ve all the time to deep clean the property’s exterior. For sure you’d wish to prune the lawn, cut down overgrown bushes, sweep the porch and all but, there’s more than keeping the yard tidy. Power up the garden hose to its fullest and blast away the driveway, sidewalk, fence, and windows from dust, dirt, mold, debris like leaves and twigs and all such stuff.

In case dirt and grime are caked on the exterior, buy or rent a power washer but, do avoid areas with caulking such as doors and windows else you might strip off the sealing. You may feel the urge to power wash the roof but stop right there, or you’ll surely damage the shingles’ coating. Spraying the windows with a garden hose isn’t enough as the best shine would come when you clean them up inside out.

Don’t just rely on glass cleaning solutions, but a mixture of diluted detergent in warm water would do an excellent job to shine those windows anew.

2.    Go for the Shutters

You can conveniently accentuate the size of home windows by adding shutters as they give the windows a broader look with an element of visual appeal. Maximum curb appeal can achieve by choosing the right color contrast for window shutters.

3.    Paint the Accents

Paint is a secure and quickest way to boost up the curb appeal and rather than taking on the entire exterior, keep the focus only on trimming, doors, and the shutters. A gallon of paint can buy for around $30 but before finalizing the color, make sure it blends perfectly to the surrounding, especially nature.

4.    Face Lifting the Door

Don’t like that front door? No need to break it down or dish out a load of money on replacement. Work up some creativity around the paint by adding some, which surely gives a decorative frame for the unappealing door to welcome profitable prospects. Combining metal and wreath to the door would be a huge plus, especially if yours is one of the luxurious villas in Dubai.

5.    Upgrade the Light Fixtures

Another must element for the curb appeal is replacing the exterior light fixtures. You can easily find something fancy yet decent light fixtures and related stuff at the general lighting store or home décor shops. Make sure the new ones have the same mounting system else it’ll double your expense. Spray paint on them from the outside for a colorful and fancier appearance.

6.    The Neutral Porch Furniture

Much like the interior, buyers, and even residents prefer a welcoming and neutral exterior for a more comfortable living. It’s time to put that old-school pink flamingo and wind chime in the garage and bring in the colorful and characterful porch décor. Bright colored garden chairs and even threw pillows can be found easily, wherever home décor goods and furniture sold.

Small Favours

–    Upgrade the mailbox with a new or paint the existing

–    Plant a tree for the best of your home and environment

–    A tree bench is excellent to take untimely naps or to hide exposed roots and garden overgrowth

–    Install flower boxes to breathe some life and splendor to your garden OR, go for a container garden in the pots right on the front porch.

–    A framework or paneling around the air conditioner can surely hide the trash bins you keep.

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