Senior Citizen Private and Group Tours – Advantages and Disadvantages

Senior Citizen Private and Group Tours – Advantages and Disadvantages

In recent studies by google, traveling in India is gaining popularity. Getting away from mundane life and inclusion of this one life we are living is, what made senior citizen going primary agenda. It has seen that there have been significant changes in the way the 50+ elders want to lead their lives after retirement. The retirement plans now are no more in settling down at hill station. Instead, it is now to travel the globe.

But How to Travel?

The tour operators and packages offer lots of deals for senior citizen tour packages either as private tours or group tours but, what is better?

Which is best, private or group tour for senior citizen trip to India?

These pieces of content will highlight trends and synopsis of both private tours and group tours for senior citizen trips. That will help you to identify which suits you the best and to resolve the above-said query. I have reviewed many packages and the tour operated by travel agents. And I have listed down what are the advantages and disadvantages of being on a private trip or group trip. And in the end, I have concluded which is best for senior citizens tours according to their preferences and choices.

Booking Private Senior Citizen Tour Packages

Senior Citizen

“Private tour” means a tour, where all traveling services are provided by your very own travel planner with a personal guide, with a private vehicle and driver, exclusively for you.

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Senior Citizen

Booking Senior Citizen Group Tours

Senior Citizen

Group Travel is usually traveling with more than ten people traveling together on the same itinerary and sharing the cost.

Senior Citizen

So, after evaluating both trips, it is time to list down features of what the best trip should offer for senior citizens.

Features of a Good Senior Citizen Tour Package

Senior citizens are people above 50+ who need comfortable and safe travel assistance to explore some exotic places in India. There are many tour operators who provide such facilities at affordable prices. The main features that are  prominent in any right package are:

●    Have guides and drivers, who are government-approved and also have good  E.Q. Test score.

●    Can easily change the itinerary and plans whenever the guest demand.

●    Professional and well-versed guides who can speak and understand the guest language.’

●    Luxurious and centrally located comfortable stay for senior travelers.

●    Facilities to explore the city by night walk.

●    Well managed and well-operated tours.

●    The staff is at 24/7 assistance to the solo guest.


In the last what I can conclude is  if you are that private person

●    who loves to travel with ease,

●    enjoy the spontaneous change in plans,

●    wish to explore the cities, landscapes, architectural monuments, in own pace,

●    demand private vehicle and guides,

●    and want to spend the cozy and warm holidays with friends or closed people than private tours, are for those senior citizens who are not hustlers and want a relaxing holiday.

The group tour is best for senior citizen vacationer who wants to

●    make friends during the trip

●    enjoy the company of  strangers on the voyage

●    skeptical in traveling alone to an unknown country

●    needs continuous support and help. If you are the voyager by heart and passionate about traveling, then choosing a trip becomes easier as what matters to the wanderer like us is to be at different places. With the old or new company is just an extension of the feeling.

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