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Top 7 Varieties of Fillers to Facilitate Your Lip Augmentation

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These days the art and the science behind ( Lip Augmentation )aesthetic skin care treatment have improved significantly. As technology is evolving almost every day, it is now possible to make wonders possible in improving your appearance at peanuts of price. Lip augmentation or enhancing the presence of the lips is a standard procedure among skincare aesthetics, says a renowned doctor associated with a widely trusted beauty treatment clinic in Edmonton.

Improved technology offers several options to enhance the appearance of the lips. Moreover, the sophisticated treatment also proves helpful reducing the wrinkles, and fine lines from around the area of the lips confirm a doctor, who possesses towering success rate in lip augmentation across Edmonton.  

But it is crucial to be a little realistic while undergoing these treatments. The clinical procedures are effective in improving your natural look and appearance, but they don’t perform miracles to change your aesthetic appeal drastically. Therefore, it’s essential to nurture reasonable expectations in your mind.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation

Ideal candidates for lip augmentation

Lip augmentation is suitable for just anyone, irrespective of age. However, one must possess a sound general health to qualify as a patient. On the other hand, certain conditions make you lose points as an ideal candidate for the treatment. These include the following:

  • Currently suffering from cold sores
  • Chronic diseases like diabetes
  • Distinct scarring on the lips
  • Blood clotting problem

Apart from the conditions mentioned above, the habit of smoking also contributes to complication in lip augmentation treatment. Just like any other cosmetic skincare treatment, this one too demands a lot of responsibility on your part. You are the best judge to decide whether you’re ready to go for it.

To start with, you must locate a skilled and qualified doctor whom you can trust. You also need to discuss your expectations with the expert in details so that both of you are aware of the other’s wishes and limitations. You also have to provide the doctor with detailed information on your general health mentioning your entire medical history, including the medicines you take and any allergy that you may be prone.

Ideal candidates for lip augmentation

Lip augmentation treatment using injections

Skincare surgeons usually use topical anesthesia to numb your pain. Topical anesthesia involves analgesic or painkiller applied directly to the lips. The procedure performed on an outpatient basis in the doctor’s office or an outpatient center. A patient discharged for home on the same day of the surgery.

  • Articolo: This is a human-made product to plump up your lips. As it is synthetic, you’ve higher chances of developing an allergic reaction on using this compared to collagen or lipid (i.e., fat) injection. But its effect lasts longer than the natural alternatives.
  • Autologen: Collagen first extracted from your own body, and then it is injected back into your lip region in the form of Autologen dermal filler. Unlike Articolo, it does not make you prone to allergic side-effects. But on the flip side, the results wear out pretty fast. It suits people who’re not committed to long-lasting results.
  • ·        Dermalogen: This variety of fillers extracted from deceased human donors. It also offers temporary results, but your body has lesser chances of rejecting it compared to the other types.
  • Fascia: A particular variety of connective tissue is extracted either from your own body or that of any deceased individual, and then it is implanted by surgery or pushed into an injection. The results of Fascia filler last more or less a year but not more.   
  • Innovative research on skincare enables injecting fat from your abdomen or thighs into your lips. This approach involves no risk of allergic side-effect. Moreover, if you’re lucky, the results can be permanent. The large extracts can also implant through surgery.
  • Hylaform: It is one of the most popular dermal fillers manufactured commercially. It is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient found in your body or your physical composition. This filler rules out chances of infection, but it is a temporary fix. Therefore, you need to get the treatment repeatedly.   
  • Restylane: This is a popular dermal filler that is available commercially. Like Juvederm, this one too contains hyaluronic acid. But as it is bio-degradable, the effects won’t last more than six months.
Lip augmentation treatment using injections

Tips on fast recovery after lip augmentation

You should never go for lip augmentation treatment alone. Someone must accompany you to drive you back safely home, suggests the doctor in Edmonton, providing injections for lip augmentation. People having surgical implants or grafts may take up to 2 weeks to get fully recovered from the treatment procedure. Taking some time off work is a good idea to speed up the recovery. You should discuss this aspect in details with your doctor before the treatment so that you can plan everything accordingly. No gym or physical workouts for a few days after being injected. But if you go for the surgical implant, you’ve to skip workouts for about a week at the least.

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