Mind Blowing Instagram Statistics Relating To Fashion Industry For Growing Traffic Incorporated

Mind Blowing Instagram Statistics Relating To Fashion Industry For Growing Traffic Incorporated

Instagram Statistics: Instagram came into the market in 2010, and within two years, in 2012, Facebook bought it. Right from the time of its inception, IG has taken this entire mobile photo-sharing platform to an entirely new level without any signs of stopping by or taking a break. If you are associated with the fashion world, then you are up against a hefty competition. Well, to make this market work well for you and to stand out in the crowd, you are always invited to take help of social media like Instagram for a change.

There are times when you are planning to grow traffic to your site, and IG seems to be the first name cropping up in your mind now. It means you are trying to become IG famous. There are some of the most surprising and most refreshing IG statistics and facts which will prove why this platform is so crucial for the fashion world business owners to take help of.

Instagram Statistics

Getting hold of the demographic statistics of Instagram:

You will be amazed to know that around 80% of the IG users located outside of the USA. Most of the users are within the range of 18 to 29 years old. Therefore, if your company is in the USA and you are willing to expand it, then you are cordially invited to open a business account in IG. This way, you will be able to cover that 80% of IG users outside the USA.

•    On the other hand, it has found out that around 6 out of 10 online adults are known to have IG accounts.

•    The female internet users are likely to be more attracted to the use of IG when compared to men. Women are controlling around 38% of the usage with men being at 26%.

•    So, if your fashion business is towards attraction women, IG might prove to be a great way to get hold of the maximum crowd.

•    Moreover, another demographic statistic clearly states that around 32% of teenagers are known to consider IG to be the major social networking platform. 32% of these IG users have further attended colleges.

•    It has found out that around 26% of the Instagram users are willing to make over $75K on a yearly count.

The usage statistics to know more about IG:

Once you are sure of the demographic statistics of Instagram, it is time to shift your focus towards Instagram Usage statistics for a change. If you check out the IG accounts of some of the celebrities, you will know how this following base has changed their life for good! Some examples might serve you better.

•    After IG itself, Selena Gomez is known to have maximum followers with an amount of 124M. Then you have Cristiano Ronaldo with 108 M Instagram followers and later National Geographic at 80.2M. This number is here to change with passing the time, making these counts temporary.

•    Then you have the account of famous USA singer Beyonce, holding the record for the most liked IG with her announcement of a pregnancy, which garnered around 11M likes.

•    Other statistics have stated that there are more than 800M IG users up from that count of 600M in December of 2016, and now it has covered to the billion marks.

•    Among this available lot, there are more than 500 monthly active users. Moreover, there are around 16,600,000 Google searches associated with IG on a monthly scale.

•    Approximately 51% of the IG users are known to access the platform daily, with 35% of them stating that they end up checking out IG multiple times on a single day.

•    Millions of photos are known to share on this platform daily. Over 40 billion videos and photos have already been shared on the IG platform right from its inception.

These promising counts are enough to prove the importance of IG. So, if you are associated with the fashion world and want to gain traffic towards your site, it is essential to get an IG business platform under your name. Make sure to give your fashion brand the privilege it needs and enjoy the unique approach over here for now.

Business statistical approach under IG:

It is true that IG is made a separate platform for the businesses out there in the market no matter what how big or small the firm is actually. It is always essential for you to open a business IG account if you are planning to use his social media, not for personal use, but business purposes. So, businesses have been taking help of this scenario for a long time, which later follows the statistical counts on IG business statistics.

•    There are more than twenty-five million business profiles you are coming up using the IG worldwide up from that count of 15M as of July 2017.

•    On the other hand, IG is known to have more than 2 million monthly active advertisers from that mark of 1 million as in March 2017.

•    There are around 60% of the top-notch bands on IG known to be using the same filter for their posts. It is because the clients attracted towards pictures with those filters on them.

•    Moreover, it has stated that over 80% of the IG accounts are known to follow a business with over 200M IG users actively associated with business profiles daily.

•    Furthermore, it has estimated that IG brought in around $4 billion in 2017 revenue, with roughly about 20% of FB’s annual income. By the end of this year 2019, it has stated that IG based ad revenue will be reaching over the mark of $10 B.

These calculations, it can be well stated that Instagram is one platform, offering high revenues to the fashion industry once the businesses plan to open a business account on this platform.

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