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Why do modern homeowners prefer glass shower doors over bathtubs

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When you think of designing your bathroom for style for glass shower doors, decor, versatility, or aesthetics, two options usually come to mind. Do I use a shower door or do I buy a bathtub and call technicians to install it?

Shower doors and bathtubs represent a growing amount on interior bathroom decor that has been going on for decades. Almost every room today are fitted with them. In the past, they use to go together. But because the bathtub couldn’t possibly contain the amount of water coming from the shower without hitting the floor – they had to be separated.

Glass shower doors

Glass shower doors

Frame and frameless glass shower doors

Frame and frameless glass shower doors

Glass shower doors can come in an open or closed form. Either way, the glass will remain framed or frameless depending on what the user prefers. Framed doors make it difficult for cleaning in the long run, but they provide aesthetic appeal. They decorate them with aluminum, steel, gold painting and lots more to bring out a new set of design.

Frameless glass doors, on the other hand, represent a modern appeal to most homeowners these days. Their visual appeal makes it easier to see the interiors of the bathroom. Titles, wall decors, and paintings are revealed when mixed with clear glass. Frosted and patterned glass come with unique designs as well that foster together with the bathroom arrangements.

Value system for both

Bathtubs on its own have a high value in every home it is found. It is because several people love the idea of staying in a tub. Although tubs have proven to be more challenging to manage due to consistent accidents – new tubs are beginning to sell. Walk-in tubs are one of those designed for older people. We also have a whirlpool tub, which is far more expensive than the rest.

Similarities and why glass shower doors are preferable:

similarities and why glass shower doors are preferable

Both serve the same purpose

They are both meant to contain water in all its ramification in the confined space designed for it. Overlapping on this function will result in a replacement or modification of the said accessory. 

Glass shower doors conserve more water from spilling out of its concealed environment. 

The type of door for the glass doesn’t matter. Whether it is a sliding, hinged, or pivot system that is used to design the bathroom door, glass is meant to keep water inside.

We don’t expect tubs that sometimes overflow their bounds if not carefully monitored to do the same. They can spike increased water cost if not checked.

Both are made with various materials

The materials both custom shower doors and bathtubs are made of also contributes to why the former is preferred to the later. 

Bathtubs made of cast iron are enamel coated in order not to retain water. They are made of high-end acrylic materials – otherwise, it would have been challenging to manage metal with water.

Custom glass showersmade of glass make them less corrosive from dust, debris and rusting, unlike bathtubs. Both of them do not retain water, but a slight exposure can change a tub.

Homeowners prefer glass showers because of these differences:

Homeowners prefer glass showers because of these differences

Water flow options are great

Both share a system of water flow that is quite similar. A tap or taps are present for a tub user to choose the type of water they want – Whirlpool tubs have jets built in the tub.

Glass shower doors temperatures

Custom shower doors conceal the temperature of the bathroom according to the warmth or coldness of the water. During summer and winter, a glass door is relevant if the user is hoping to maintain a given temperature in the bathroom.

Differences and why glass doors are preferable:

Differences and why glass doors are preferable

Cost of installation

Tubs cost a lot more than glass doors installations because most of them are custom fitted from the factory. A walk-in tub, for example, is specially designed for seniors in the society, and if you are looking for luxury, a whirlpool tub is always available.

Showers, on the other hand, cost far less to buy and install. Most times, the users can DIY. They are thereby saving the cost and time that would have been spent waiting for a technician.

Spacing is crucial

If you hope to conserve space for other accessories in the bathroom, a homeowner will prefer a glass door. They don’t take up more space in the room, and they can easily fit into any available arrangement.

Accessibility for tubs is an issue

Tubs are not as accessible as glass shower doors. Most are several feet away from the floor, which makes it difficult. Several accidents have resulted from homeowners climbing in and out of the tub only to slip. To avoid those problems, more expensive tubs like the walk-in tubs became a product – but they also have their challenges.

Showers are easily accessible. Open showers in public places are even more accessible.

Showers carry DIY options

A carefully written manual is always available when you buy a shower closet. Where the closet should be, how the rings are going to look on the wall and which switch system is adequate. Tubs, on the other hand, will require the extra cost of transportation to the installation.

In conclusion, everyone would prefer having their bathroom fixed with the shower.

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